Mark Oxford – Swimming Coach

I have been a swimmer for over 25 years, one of my oldest memories is learning to swim at Hadleigh Swimming Pool at the age of 3! When I turned 14 I completed my first swimming teach qualification and started to teach for the local swimming club. It’s scary to think that some of the children I taught back then are now driving!

My first association with the club was back in 2012; I was teaching at Ipswich Highschool straight after the club finished their Saturday morning session, they needed a new lifeguard and was asked if I was interested. Over time I started writing sessions for the swimmers and shouting my orders from the side of the pool.

Whist instructing a particular hard part of a set I was greeted with “so when are you going to do one of these!” and I never looked back. I completed my first Tri at Wattisham and immediately got the bug. Since then I have completed many Sprint and Olympic Triathlons and also finished an Ironman in Copenhagen.

I have gained so much from being a member of the club from lifelong friends to many memories. Imagine if I’d said no to being the lifeguard!

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