Month: January 2022

Daren Allen – Chairman

I joined Ipswich Triathlon club in 2012. I have benefited greatly from the efforts of previous committee members and I wanted to contribute to the continued success of the club, as a consequence, joined the committee as Chair in 2020.

Jacob Howard – Vice Chair & Coach

I was a keen cyclist when I signed up to a triathlon for charity with work in 2016. I joined the club the same year to help me train for it and haven’t looked back!

Hayley Roche – Club Secretary

In 2015 I participated in a sprint triathlon for a bit of fun, joined the club soon after, and it was one of the best, and the most expensive, decisions that I have ever made!

Chris Tye – Treasurer & Men’s Captain

I started triathlons back in 2009 when taking a short sabbatical from marathon running, having achieved a long time target of a Good for Age marathon place at London, and wanting a short break to do something different for a while. 14 years later, I still haven’t gone back to pure running.

Davina Greenwell – Women’s Captain

I took up triathlon in 2017 when I thought horses were a little bit dangerous and expensive… It turns out triathlon falls into both brackets but is a great excuse to travel to all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

James Calvert – Membership Secretary

I have been a runner for over 30 years; but having suffered from more than my fair share of running injuries I decided to start cross training to keep up my fitness. I joined ITC in 2015 and have been bitten by the triathlon bug.

Oly Cooper – Committee Member

I turned to triathlon once I realised the silly car and the new job were not a cure for a premature midlife crisis. It seems to have worked and I quickly discovered that the training is a fantastic antidote to my addiction to curries, chips and beer.

Dan Clapton – Committee Member

This sport and Ipswich Tri Club has given me some lifelong friends who have supported me through so much. I have also had the privilege to represent my country at the Aquabike European championship in Ibiza where I finished with a bronze medal.

Charlie Stannett – Coach

I joined the club last century. My wife was already a member and I needed to be in an England Athletics affiliated club to increase my chances of getting a London marathon place. One thing led to another and I’ve ended up doing 10 Ironmans, on the back of which I introduced “newbie” coaching. Many of our experienced members started out in my newbie swim lane!